SHOP FOX W1727 1 HP Dust Collector

SHOP FOX W1727 1 Dust Collector

Product Description

Designed for portability, the model W1727 1 HP Dust Collector can be moved from one machine to another when needed, instead of having to build an entire fixed dust collection system and running ducts to each machine. Some of the machines that this unit works well with are the oscillating drill presses, 13" planers, cabinet-style saws, bench-top and combination sanders, miter saws, floor sweeps, and stand-mounted dust collection nozzles.

Product Features

  • Motor: 1 HP, 110V/220V, Single-phase
  • Amps: 9 @ 110V, 4.5 @ 220V
  • Air suction capacity: 800 CFM
  • Static pressure: 5.67"
  • Height with bags inflated: 54-1/2"

Customer Reviews

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Really solid; highly recommended., June 4, 2009
T. C. Lawton (Fort Collins CO USA)
Very impressed, after trying to survive- and nearly choking- with just a shopvac!
This unit is weighty, goes together well, and doesn't feel, or look, cheaply-made. The filter bag is pretty fine (2.5 micron, IIRC), and I've certainly not noticed ANYTHING (except clean air and a woody smell!) coming out of it. It has a fairly compact footprint too, which is great in my small shop. While not quiet, the noise it emits is nothing like as wearing as a shopvac, and amounts to a nice reassuring roar, not a whine- and certainly no rattles- until it whisks away a woodchip in a satisfying way. Shop Fox have a real website, with real technical support and PDF manuals online- altogether a proper and reliable-feeling company.
I'd strongly recommend it to anyone who was choking in dust like me...!

Nice, if this is what you need, April 21, 2011
DJA (Pittsburgh, PA USA)
This unit is relatively small, but seems to pull a lot of air. However, I do consider this to be loud. I had a 1.5HP unit from Harbor Fright that was about the most primitive tool I've seen, and it was only slightly louder. (It was returned for killing a 20A breaker and having a noisy bearing. It also appears to be IDENTICAL to the 1.5HP unit that Shop Fox - and many others - are currently selling) This has the roar of the impeller and induction motor, certainly not the scream of a universal motor. Still, expect to use hearing protection when you start this machine--which is a good idea with any power tool.

The wheels are cheesy, but not bad enough to replace; I usually drag this as much as roll it. I also had to add tape to the top edge of the plastic collection bag due to dust leakage. But any unit that uses a metal band to secure a thin plastic bag to a metal body is bound to be less than air tight. When I empty the bag, I may add a band of felt around the metal body to.

Good deal for the money, January 19, 2011
David in Hesperia
I have a small shop, however, I make one heck of a lot of sawdust. Therefore I began my search for a dust control system that was affordable and would suit my needs. The Shop Fox 1727 seemed to be the perfect fit for my application. The box arrived a day before the indicated date which was nice. The assembly was easy and the parts self-explanatory. I had read about the difficulties people had with the installation of the bags so I gave that a bit of thought. Then the answer was obvious: use clear shipping tape to hole the bag in place until you can install the clamps. The idea worked great and assembly came to a successful close.
Its small footprint is a plus in my limited space. Using the Fox was a surprise. It is rated at one horsepower but boy, can that motor move some air! I use if for my table saw, my router table, my 12 inch disc sander and I have a floor sweep tray. All I need do is close off the ports that are not being used. I am happy with my machine and recommend it to.

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