Delta AP075 Shopmaster Downdraft Mat Dust Collection Table

Delta AP075 Shopmaster Downdraft Collection Table

Delta AP075 Shopmaster Downdraft Mat Dust Collection Table

by Delta

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    1. Dimensions: 42.5 x 22.75 x 8.5 inches
    2. Shipping Weight: 31.6 pounds
    3. Item ID: upc:069554075759
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    'Tis a great addition!, December 10, 2004
    K. Kyler (Maryland, USA)
    First, I have a Woodsucker II cyclone dust system with a 6" main line. This pulls a little over 1000CFM. I run a 4" line to the downdraft table. Simulaniously, I run a 2 1/2" line from another gate to my PC 333K sander. With the both gates open (to the sander and the table), I get zero dust into the ambient air! I was expecting a little dust but was quite pleased to see how dust free this combination is. It allows me to sand and finish back-to-back instead of having to wait for the dust to settle out of the air.

    I only gave it 4-stars because the non-slip surface is kinda cheesy and in the first use, started to ablate. All-in-all, I'm exceptionally pleased with my purchase.

    Not very impressive dust collection, April 1, 2004
    Mark A. Dipietro (Oakley, Ca United States)
    I couldn't wait to get this thing. Now I kinda wish I had.
    It simply does not do a very good job of sucking dust down into the table. I have a 1500 cfm collector and I shut all of the other ports but, alas, it just doesn't work very well. Not sure there is much that could be done to improve it.
    Still haven't tried connecting collector directly to this table. That is my only hope at this point. I suspect it will work better but it would have to be a pretty big jump to make a difference. I wil probably end up laying something across the area of the table I'm not using to get maximum suckage. I had expected it to keep the fine dust from gettign airborne. Too bad... it looked like a really good alternative to a dedicated downdraft table.

    Good Part of a Dust Control System, October 5, 2004
    Gord O'Neill "Gord O'Neill" (Canton, MI United States)
    The dust collection table does what I wanted it to do: I was looking for a sanding platform to augment the dust collection during sanding. I use it in addition to the shop vacuum connected to my random orbtal or belt sander. Together this forms a good system that controls dust. Additionally the rubber-like coating on the top when combined with the suction grip the piece being sanding quite firmly. A good part of a dust minimizing system.

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